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Thursday, November 30th- Havana Express

November 30, 2023 09:00 PM until December 01, 2023 12:30 AM

Havana Express Live at Easy's Cocktail Lounge

Sizzling Latin Rhythms - November 30th

Immerse Yourself in the Essence of Havana

Embark on a sizzling journey into the heart of Latin rhythms as Havana Express brings the vibrant sounds of Havana to Easy's Cocktail Lounge on November 30th.

Rhythmic Elegance

Havana Express, masters of rhythmic elegance, will transport you to the lively streets of Havana on November 30th. Get ready for a night filled with passionate melodies and infectious beats.

H2 Heading: Latin Musical Fiesta

Experience a musical fiesta as Havana Express sets the stage ablaze with the infectious energy of Latin music. On November 30th, Easy's Cocktail Lounge transforms into a haven for Latin music lovers.

H2 Heading: Havana Nights in Vegas

Feel the spirit of Havana come alive in the heart of Las Vegas. Join us on November 30th for a night that captures the essence of Havana's vibrant nightlife.

H2 Heading: Secure Your Spot

Don't miss this sizzling night of Latin rhythms. Secure your spot for Havana Express's live performance at Easy's Cocktail Lounge on November 30th and be part of a fiesta like no other.

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