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The Sweetest Secret

Behind the sweet is something saucy. Easy’s Cocktail Lounge, a speakeasy tucked away behind a delicious, unassuming donut shop, is an intimate environment with a classic vibe and the mindset of a bygone era. The quaint speakeasy bar is a beautifully crafted space featuring plush velvet seating, throwback energy, elusive spirits new to the market and perfectly poured cocktails exclusive to Easy.

With a beverage program designed by a master mixologist, Easy’s cocktails are as palate pleasing as they are picturesque. The gin-based Happy Foraging, for instance, is a whimsical beverage served in a hand blown mushroom glass. Paired with fresh herbs and dramatic effects, guests inhale a forest scent while sipping the refreshing libation. Similarly, an over-the-top tequila-based cocktail feels akin to a day on the beach, as is served in a hand blown seashell and surrounded by pink sea salt, mini shells and micro flowers. A sophisticated environment that operates at a roaring ‘20s pace, Easy features live music nightly performed in an uptempo jazz format—it’s new world meets old world, all while customers of different backgrounds freely mix and mingle. A modern-day haunt, Easy is full of secrets... but the biggest secret is Easy itself.