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Havana Express playing at Easys cocktail lounge inside aria resort and casino

Havana Express

Havana Express, a vibrant 7-piece ensemble, was co-founded in July 2007 in Las Vegas by Adrian Ortega (Musical Director) and Jimmy Kruz (Band Leader). Emerging from the success of "Havana Club the Show" at the legendary Stardust Casino in 2004, co-produced by Sigfried & Roy, the band showcases a fusion of musical genres including Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Pop, Rock, and Funk in English and Spanish. Their performances blend Cuban-style rhythms with an American twist, captivating audiences with infectious beats and vibrant entertainment.

Featuring a talented lineup:

  • Adrian Ortega: Musical Director

  • Ernesto Gonzalez: Bass

  • Angel Serrano: Percussion

  • Rodolfo Alfonzo: Saxophone

  • Evelyn Toscano: Violin and Vocals

  • Yailen Hernandez: Lead Singer

  • Jimmy Kruz: Leader, Small Percussion, and Vocals

Experience the unique blend of Cuban flair and international sounds with HavanaExpressTheBand...From Cuba with Love.