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Sky Dee Miles singing in Las Vegas

Skye Dee Miles

Skye Dee Miles is a dynamic and charismic performer of all genres! She has a passion for storytelling through entertainment! Her vibrant personality and stage presence has recently awarded her Las Vegas Weekly’s 2023 Best of Las Vegas award for best  One Woman Show. She is affectionately called Black Sunshine because of the joy she brings to the stage or Your Royal Skyeness…Queen of Las Vegas. Skye’s shows has no boundaries when it comes to genre of  music but she has a special connection to the Blues.  She believes all music is rooted in the blues and gospel and always makes sure it’s part of her setlist and productions! She’s has coveted many stages in Las Vegas in various shows. She was apart of Ushers immersive show at Caesar’s Palace. Currently works with Brian Newman AfterDark show at the Park MGM. She has had her own /show productions at The Cosmopolitan (Rose Rabbit Lie) Tropicana, The Palms , The Virgin Hotel and many more. 

If you miss her on stage you can catch her  as  a Video Vixen in Lil Wayne #1 video Lollipop op and Drake/Lil Wayne Every Girl in the World! She’s also part of the Netflix hit  documentary Worn Stories Episode 6 CHANCE! She’s not just a singer but a world entertainer of the arts! Skye gives you ALL MUSIC FOR ALL PEOPLE!